How Black America Has Influenced Social Movements Through Time

How Black America Has Influenced Social Movements Through Time

Black America has played a fundamental part in the country for a long time. They are people that are proud and speak loudly about what they stand for and believe in. There are many times that they have played an essential part in the history of the world. One of the most recent times that they have made their voices known is during Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter
The black community came together when one of their own was killed by a police officer. They didn’t take much time to organize and to fight for justice for him and his family. Since they cared, many people noticed and agreed with them when they were fighting for their rights.

People Listen
Black people have always dealt with problems like prejudice and more. They are hurt and angry but when they speak, people do listen to them, and they try to help in many ways. When they need to have something done, they usually find someone to assist them with their needs. It’s because the country always helps them in any way that they can. It makes sense to do this because everyone is an American that pays taxes in the country. They make up a big part of the taxpayers, and they do a great job working out in the communities.

Black Lives Matter

Making A Difference
There are many ways that black Americans make a difference every day. They are out there in public, helping people and doing important things. Since this makes a significant difference in society, they significantly impact making it a better place for all people to live.

Doing Their Best
They try their best to put into society what they have received from it. Since they work hard, people accept them in every way. When they do something, they do their best, and their attitude is excellent. They look forward to a better world for themselves and their offspring. They know that it is possible in the future.

Making More Moves
Black Americans and women will make even more moves to change the world for the better. They want to be treated as equals and they will be because they will constantly fight for them at all costs and at any time.

Since black Americans are numerous, they are making themselves known in many ways. People are taking note of their needs and trying to do what they can to make sure that they are not treated unequally in any way. Their lives are improving in many ways and will likely do so well into the future. Moving forward, they will continue to stick up for their rights in every way. They will make a stand when they have to so their voices will be heard. It’s their right because they are Americans and they want to be treated right. That is their right, and most people understand this.

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