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You may have heard about us as one of the most vocal brand to speak up on gender equality, fair education, and women’s support throughout Asia and Africa, but do you know our story?

BMMA was founded in 2011 as a result of Calista’s tragedy in 2006. She was a cheerful teenager walking on her way back home from college and was stopped by three drunk men. Calista didn’t make it to her parents’ house that night. Not only was she heavily abused and raped, but her parents also couldn’t even recognize her. Calista spent her days in her room, crying and losing her hope. Thanks to her family and friend’s continuous support, she was able to lift herself up and grab her life back.

She left her anger and sorrow in her past and move on with her future. Graduated as magna cum-laude from the University of Manitoba has opened her eyes to the future she has out there. After meeting her husband, Thomas, the couple dedicated their lives to support those who can’t speak. Calista has talked on various international stages, including UN, TEDTalk, Standford University, Harvard University, etc. Her mission is just one: Empowering Women. She hopes her story has and will inspire many women not to giving up on their lives, and there is a rainbow waiting for them if they never stop trying.

BMMA was initially acting as Calista’s diary to share her stories. Still, as many readers enjoy and are inspired by her life, she began to find other stories mainly on women and children to get exposure and help from the global citizen. She primarily works on the gender inequality in Asia and Africa, where most abusive cases are happening, but she also speaks up on the racial issue that usually happens everywhere, including in the USA.

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