Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Aandolan (BMMA) is an autonomous, secular, rights-based mass organization led by Muslim women which fights for the citizenship rights of the Muslims in India. BMMA was formed in January, 2007.


To create conditions within the Indian society where the Muslim community and especially the Muslim women are able to eradicate their own poverty and marginalization and live a life of equality, justice and with respect for human rights.


Values of democracy, secularism, equality, non-violence, human rights and justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India. These are our guiding principles in our struggle for justice.


  • To work towards understanding and ameliorating the marginalization of Muslim community and Muslim women.
  • To work towards empowering Muslim women and take steps to ensure their social, economic, political, civil, legal and religious rights.
  • To work to uphold the Constitutional principles like equality, liberty, secularism, social justice and democracy.
  • To undertake and propagate positive and liberal interpretations of religion which are in consonance with principles of justice, equality, fairness and protection of human rights.
  • To take forward the process of legal reforms within the Muslim personal law
  • To oppose fascism, exploitative capitalism, communalism, imperialism in all its forms and to support peace, justice and uphold human rights
  • To collaborate and build alliance with other movements and networks that are fighting for social equality and human rights.
  • To understand the caste hierarchies within the Muslim community and raise the issues of Dalit Muslims. To create an alternative progressive voice within the Muslim community.

The BMMA works for all the rights and duties emanating from the Constitution of India. Over the six years the membership has increased to 30,000 in 15 states, over the past six years. Our membership is open to all, including men, who share our vision and mission and are secular.



    I amount boat to know that BMMA a organisation try to stablish the human right for Muslim Women. The of the muslim people try to stablish their human right.
    I also belive that every human has right to leave as per his/her choise, If any body try to exploied himself/herself by the any So Call god power they can fight against that law.
    I also agree to involve myself in along type mass programe, also try to involve our friend circle.
    With regards,
    Rabin Banerjee


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