4 Types Feminism You Should Know

Most of you surely have heard the word feminism. Coming from Latin language ‘femina’, which means having a womanly nature, feminism is an ideology that fights for women’s rights and equality between men and women. It fully focuses on addressing social issues faced by women in daily life. Such as, cases of sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, income inequality, and so on. This ideology also tries to change gender roles, sexist practices, and sexual norms that often limit self-development.

The development of feminism is dynamic and open. So, feminism does not only fight for women’s rights. But, it also focuses on liberating men by breaking the references constructed by society to women and men. People who stick to or hold on to feminism are called feminists. Feminists are aware that feminism cannot be separated from men’s roles. They believe that men also play a role in supporting feminism and gender equality.

Most of you must already know that women dominate this movement. But, do you know that there are several types of feminism? If you do not know about it yet, here are feminism types that you might want to know.

Liberal Feminism

As the name implies, this type of feminism embraces liberalism that prioritizes freedom. It also emphasizes the aspects of freedom. Liberal feminism believes that all human beings, both women and men, are created equal, balanced, and do not necessarily get oppression. The main character who played an important role in liberal feminism was Mary Wollstonecraft. She wrote a book titled Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

In her book, Mary Wollstonecraft mentioned that both men and women have the same mindset. So, both women and men should have the same, equal rights and treatment. Seen from a historical point of view, liberal feminism focuses on women’s struggles to get equal education rights or academic rights with men.

Communist Marxist Feminism

The presence of communist marxist feminism is driven by the notion that women are left behind due to the widespread understanding of capitalism in the administration of a country. Capitalism itself is an understanding stating that an individual is free to enrich themselves as much as possible. Communist marxist feminism sees capitalism as an injustice for women with various losses that they will face.

This type of feminism sees that capitalism will allow men to control and be dominant in production programs so that men will get higher positions in communities. Because of their higher positions, it is considered that men will likely oppress women whom they think are weaker. The main goal of communist marxist feminism is to remove the system in capitalism.

Socialist Feminism

The next one of feminism types is socialist feminism. This kind of feminism appears because of the critics to communist marxist feminism. Socialist feminism sees that capitalism is not the core problem of women’s low positions in communities. Because women were already considered low and weak even before capitalism appeared. The main focus of socialist feminism is to eliminate the system of ownership in a social order or social structure. For example, socialist feminists disagree with laws that legalize men’s ownership of property in a marriage.

Radical Feminism

Radical feminism appeared for the first time around the mid of the 19th century. This type of feminism focuses on ideas and thoughts about the struggle that separates women’s rights as well as demand equal positions for both women and men in social orders or social structures. It emphasizes more on the goals of fighting for women’s rights that are viewed from a biological perspective or instinctive perspective that women have as natural rights.

However, in its development, radical feminism becomes extreme. Radical feminists begin to focus their attention only on women. They consider that men do not give any contributions. They also think that women should be able to do anything they want.

Anarchist Feminism

Anarchist feminism is an extreme type of feminism. Anarchist feminists consider that men and countries are the main cause in triggering every issue that women are facing. So, the goal of anarchist feminism is to destroy men and countries and make women as the holders of supreme power in the social order or social structure.

Postmodern Feminism

The last is postmodern feminism. Postmodern feminism is the type of feminism that develops in today’s life. It is the development of the feminism movement that rejects absolute thoughts and views as well as dominant power. Postmodern feminism focuses on making women as free feminists with wide views and knowledge according to their preferences and desires. Postmodern feminists avoid anything that limits diversity and differences. This means that there is no term of good feminist and all feminists can be whatever they want.

But, postmodern feminists have themes or orientations in their movements. They mention that languages build sexuality. Languages form humans’ lives. So, through language, they can also overcome injustice against women. In this case, languages refer to opinions, arguments, writings, and so on.

Examples of Feminism

You can find feminism in daily life. Here they are.

  • Using Products or Culture Produced By Women

Feminism supports women to actively take roles in various aspects of life. Such as, culture, social, economy, and even politics without any restriction or oppression. In this case, women are free to create and share ideas and thoughts that they can realize through products and cultural elements. One example of the development of feminism is consuming products or culture produced by women. This is proposed to eliminate the weak stigma in women.

  • Giving Wide Space to Women

For example, giving up your seat to another woman when you are in public transportation, especially to elderly, pregnant women, or those with disabilities. If there is a woman standing alone in a bus stop or other places, men are suggested to keep the distance so that she feels safe.

Those are the types of feminism that you should know. Which type of feminist are you? Do you think you are a feminist?

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