Not in Our Name-Terrorism is Not Accaptable

Not In Our Name, Terrorism Not Acceptable

Press Release

BMMA strongly condemns the dastardly acts of violence in Paris which have taken over 120 lives and critically wounded several others. We express solidarity
with the victims and their families as well as the French people. We call for strictest punishment to those who aided and abetted these inhuman and criminal acts against humanity.

We decry the terrorists who at the Bataclan concert venue were heard crying out Allahu Akbar  as they went about killing people. We condemn them outright for carrying out such inhuman and criminal acts in the name of Allah. We want to state clearly and emphatically that these terrorists have no business to speak in the name of Allah or on behalf of fellow muslims.
They are criminals and should be treated as criminals in any society. They have only brought about misery, suffering and shame to fellow muslims and to
humankind world over. We urge all Indian muslims as well as muslims world over to stand up in solidarity with the French victims and against those
resorting to such dastardly acts in the name of our religion

Dr. Noorjehan Safia Niaz
Zakia Soman,
Co-Founders, BMMA

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  1. sam says:

    (spelling mistake: acceptable*)


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