Press Release
Statement calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza
The West Asian territories of Palestine and Israel have been a bone of contestation for a long time. There has been very little success to negotiations and dialogue between the respective governments in the region which has seen worst violence and humanitarian crisis periodically.  The people in Gaza have repeatedly experienced killer attacks and destruction, given the superior military power of Israel. To date more than two hundred people including children and elderly have died in Gaza. The death toll continues to rise and now there is a possibility that the Israelis will again send ground troops into Gaza.
We at the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan condemn all acts of atrocities and violence against innocent civilians and in this renewed escalation, call upon all responsible parties to work towards an immediate, negotiated cease-fire. We call upon the Indian parliament to immediately pass a resolution asking for a halt to this renewed violence and towards providing humanitarian aid. We support calls by civil society organizations globally and nationally to pressurize the respective governments and leaders to resist armed responses and call for long-term resolution of all outstanding issues. We condemn the long-standing blockade by Israel of all aid to Gaza and call upon them to immediately end the blockade and to ensure easy access of humanitarian aid agencies to respond to the emergency needs in Gaza.
We call upon the parliament of India to persuade our government to press upon the international community and world powers to support efforts leading to an independent and sovereign Palestinian state living side by side with Israel.

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