All recommendations of the Justice Rajinder Sachar Report and the Ranganath Mishra Report must be implemented including the much-touted PM’s 15-Point Programme.
The National and State Minority and Women’s Commissions must have implementing and penal powers, beyond just furnishing recommendations.
All the Commissions must be accompanied by setting up of Departments and Directorates to implement the schemes and programmes of the Commission.
A detailed national audit of the Wakf land must be done immediately. Wakf land must be used only for the social, economic, educational development of the community with strict monitoring by the state as well as local community which must include Muslim women. The National and State Wakf Boards must have Muslim women as representatives.
Privatization of education and health facilities must be stopped. It is the responsibility of the state to provide good quality education and health care facilities.
Women’s reservation bill mandating 33% reservation of seats for women in the Parliament should be passed as a law immediately.

·         All schemes meant for the educational and economic development of the Muslim community should be formulated and implemented like it is done for the SCs and STs
·         All schemes must be implemented efficiently and honestly
·         The budget allocated for the Muslims must be on par with their population nationally as well as in the states.
·         In all scholarship schemes the fees should be paid directly by the government to the educational institutions. Scholarships should be paid before the term begins. The system of reimbursements must stop.  All national and state scholarship schemes must become people friendly.
·         Government schools and colleges must be opened in minority dominated villages, districts and wards and they must provide quality education on par with private schools and colleges
·         Urdu must be provided as an optional subject in schools and colleges
·         Madrasa modernization must be done with special focus on the growing aspirations and needs of Muslim girls
·         National and State Financial Boards meant for the economic development of the community must have people friendly rules and regulations.
·         Special measure must be taken to enable participation of Muslims under the RTE
·         Special provisions must be made for facilitation of higher education among Muslim girls.

·         Civic amenities like water supply, drainage, sewage, sanitation facilities must be provided in all Muslim ghettos.
·         All Muslim ghettos must have fully functional Primary Health Center with all basic health care facilities.
·         Each ward and village must have a fully functional hospital with latest medical amenities and special focus on women’s health concerns.
·         The hospitals and health centres must have qualified doctors and nurses. They should treat all patients with respect and not discriminate based on religion. Mobile medical facilities in vans should be given to senior citizens in every basti by the government.
·         Health cards also need to be issued for the Muslim families who live below the poverty line.

·         Government entitlements are and their distribution mechanism are riven with corruption and this needs to be addressed urgently.
·         Government schemes particularly for the Muslim community are to be implemented and publicized.  Employment Guarantee Schemes must be extended to urban poor.
·         Government should extend support to women engaged in home-based work and also support Self Help Groups. SHG’s should be decentralized by linking them to the gram panchayats.
·         Financial and credit facilities and market support for home based women workers including the minorities should be addressed by the state. Training and capacity building should be done for artisans and those doing handicraft work.
·         All deserving Muslims should get the BPL and Antyodaya card. Identity cards should be issued to those working in the informal sector of the economy.
·         Pensions are to be extended to widows.
·         Financial assistance should be extended to the youth of the minority community to encourage self employment among them.
·         The monitoring of all such schemes should be undertaken by the community and especially by the women within these communities. Grievance cells are to be set up in all areas to address the concerns of the people.
·         Most of the people in the Muslim community are engaged in wage labour and are not paid the minimum wages. Daily wages of women and labourers should be fixed and paid without any corrupt practice.
·         The Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act should be extended to include work on all 365 days and should also be extended to the urban poor. In order to promote healthy work environment loan without interest should be provided. The necessity of government employee surety should be dismantled in application of loans as this excludes the poor. There should be equal and uniform provisions for both the rich and the poor.
·         The Public Distribution System should be rid of corruption and black marketing. Good quality and laid down quota of food grains should be available at all PDS shops especially in the Muslim localities.
·         Anganwadis should be set up everywhere and they should provide quality food to children and women without any discrimination. The Anganwadis and the implementation of the ICDS programme of the government  should be monitored.
·         Agricultural land should be given to the poor landless agricultural labourers which are of a considerable size to be productive. Housing schemes should be allocated to the minorities keeping in view their population in different states and shouldn’t be an arbitrary percentage.

·         Innocent Muslims should not be arrested on the pretext of fighting terrorism. The youths belonging to minor castes and tribes who have been illegally arrested should be let out and given adequate help and support. Discrimination based on any identity should be curbed and those responsible should be punished.
·         The working of the police system should be improved and their treatment towards women should be made better. There should be sensitization of the police force towards Muslims. Women’s safety and security are to be looked into as well.
·    Muslim family law must be codified based on Quranic values and injunctions so that Muslim women are ensured legal justice.
·       Oral/unilateral divorce must be legally banned with immediate effect
·      The Communal Violence Bill must be passed immediately. Strict action must be taken against those spreading communal hatred and violence.
·        Discrimination based on religion in government offices and other public places should be curbed.

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