Safia Akhtar (M.A in Urdu) is BMMA Madhya Pradesh State convener. She is actively involved with the organization since 2008 and has been instrumental in leading the state to realise BMMA goals and objectives.
Her aim in BMMA is to bring about positive change in the marital lives of women who are often denied of their rights and entitlements in the name of traditions, both, by their in-laws and their parents. She educates women on the provisions of Sachchar committee report and on the process of codification of Muslim family law. She strives to enable and empower women claiming their rightful entitlements and sensitizing them on Indian constitution, social issues, religion, rights and gender.
Before joining BMMA, she was the president of Aaganwadi workers and helpers union (CITU) in Bhopal. She worked to address issues of AWW/AWH based on their needs and to provide them a platform for lobby and advocacy for their rights.
She also worked as District President of AIDWA in Bhopal to enable marginalized communities to access benefits and services like ration cards, BPL cards etc. and to sensitize women on rights and gender issues.
In 2008 became the secretary of IMW (Institute for Minority Women) in Madhya Pradesh which is working with marginalized communities specially women to sensitize about gender and rights issues.
She is committed to her goal of enhancing capacities of Muslim women realizing their aspiration for a better life in a better community

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