16,17, 18 OCTOBER 2012
The National Council [NC] meeting of BMMA was held in Bhubeneshwar on 16,17 and 18 October 2012. The meeting was attended by state leaders from Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, MP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and West Bengal. On 16th the NC reviewed their work in the last 6 months and made plans for the next 2 months. Decisions about various programmes and activities were taken. For the first time BMMA, NC members underwent a process of self appraisal. Each member of the NC reviewed its own performance, strengths and weaknesses and also received feedback and suggestions from the rest of the team. The appraisal process was very helpful as it helped each one to take stock of their own work and learn how to work even harder for better performance in future.
Salient features of the achievements of BMMA in the last 3 months:
·         BMMA’s National Working Committee has successfully managed to monitor the work of BMMA in 12 states
·         Two states of UP and Tamil Nadu formally joined BMMA.
·         As a result of our work in the last 3 months, the membership of BMMA has touched 35,000
·         BMMA is in the process of finalizing its 5 year report and its study on Young Muslim girls.
·         In the coming months of November and December the BMMA units in 12 states will continue with its public meetings on Sachar report and codification of Muslim law.
·         The Units will also identify and highlight cases of women who have been unilaterally and orally divorced by their husbands. A press conference will be held in all states in November to highlight the issue of oral divorce.
·         The Units will also work towards making the annual convention to be held in December a big success.
As part of the NC gathering, 2 public meetings were held in Cuttack. One meeting was held with academicians, lawyers, media, social activists and heads of organizations to discuss the issue of codification of Muslim law. A very informed debate and discussion on the issue ensued. Many queries and questions on the issue of codification were raised which the founder members of BMMA answered. In the afternoon, Muslim women from the rural and urban communities of Cuttack district came for the meeting. Addressing the meeting while the state leaders of BMMA spoke about their work and discussed the achievements and challenges they face in their respective states, BMMA members of Cuttack district and state advisory committee members of BMMA, Odisha, too shared about their work, achievement and challenges as they worked with the marginalized Muslim and Dalit women in five districts of Odisha. On the whole it proved a great learning for both, BMMA as well as the civil society groups of Odisha.

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