20 – 21 March, 2012
The State Convener of Karnataka, Nagma Shaikh and District Convener of Koppal district Noorjehan Nirelgi had organized a meeting with Muslim women in Koppal. In this meeting, information about BMMA was given by Noorjehan Safia Niaz, Founder Member of BMMA. Muslim women in this district also shared about the difficulties that they face. Many women who were senior citizens were demanding senior citizen’s card. They also did not have any facility by the government. They did not have any document which would help them to get old age pension or widow pension. They also did not have ration card or health card issued by the Karnataka government. This health card also called the Vajpayee card would help them get free medicines but they do not have it.
A small consultation was held with lawyers on codification of Muslim law. Adv. Abdul Gani Afsar and Adv. Qasim who were in favour of codification of Muslim law offered to organize a bigger meeting of lawyers who would give their support for the reforms in the law.
A press outreach was also organized which was facilitated by Mr. Sadiq Pasha. Next day more than 5-6 papers covered the event.
The team of BMMA also met lawyers in Dharwad district and shared the idea of codification with them. They whole heartedly supported the idea and offered their help in our future endeavours. In the Hubli district more than 50 Muslim women attended the meeting organized by District Convener of Hubli, Shamim. The women here were very enthusiastic and showed keen interest in taking leadership and improving their living conditions.  They have promised that in a year’s time they will solve the problems of exorbitant water bill, overflowing gutters and scholarship for girl’s education. They all promised to support their district leader, Shamim and solve their problems which they have been facing for such a long time. The efforts of BMMA were supported by Mr. Aziz Mulla, Mr. Basheer and Mr. Ayaz. It was heartening to hear these men offering their full support to Muslim women leaders and also supporting the campaign on codification of Muslim law.

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