The BMMA, translating into Indian Muslim Women’s Movement was formed in January, 2007. It is an autonomous, secular, rights-based mass organization led by Muslim women which fights for the citizenship rights of the Muslims in India. 
VISION : To create conditions within the Indian society where the Muslim community and especially the Muslim women are able to eradicate their own poverty and marginalization and live a life of equality, justice and with respect for human rights.


BMMA BELIEVES IN: Values of democracy, secularism, equality, non-violence, human rights and justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India. These are our guiding principles in our struggle for justice. 


  • To work towards understanding and ameliorating the marginalization of Muslim community and Muslim women.
  • To work towards empowering Muslim women and take steps to ensure their social, economic, political, civil, legal and religious rights.
  • To work to uphold the Constitutional principles like equality, liberty, secularism, social justice and democracy.
  • To undertake and propagate positive and liberal interpretations of religion which are in consonance with principles of justice, equality, fairness and protection of human rights.
  • To take forward the process of legal reforms within the Muslim personal law.
  • To oppose fascism, exploitative capitalism, communalism, imperialism in all its forms and to support peace, justice and uphold human rights.
  • To collaborate and build alliance with other movements and networks that are fighting for social equality and human rights.
  • To understand the caste hierarchies within the Muslim community and raise the   issues of Dalit Muslims. To create an alternative progressive voice within the Muslim community

The BMMA works for all the rights and duties emanating from the Constitution of India. Over the six years the membership has increased to 30,000 in 15 states, over the past six years. Our membership is open to all, including men, who share our vision and mission and are secular.

Facilitating the Emergence of Muslim Women’s Leadership in Society : Reach out, mobilize and organize Muslim women in cities, towns, villages across the country to enable and facilitate the leadership of Muslim women so that they can achieve gender equality, fight for their economic, social and political empowerment, engage constructively and confidently with other sections of the community and larger society, and bring collective changes at the grassroots to diminish their marginalization. In this regard the leaders of BMMA would facilitate Muslim women to avail entitlements, basic citizenship documents, implement government schemes and facilities and demand better governance.  

Campaign for the Implementation of the Recommendations of Sachar Report: BMMA leadership has been actively working as a pressure group for the effective implementation of the recommendations of the Sachar Report. The Report was released in  2006 but one can see the lack of political and bureaucratic will to implement its recommendations. Unless the community organizes itself the report will remain just that, a report. In the last 5 years, BMMA leaders at the village, district, state and national level have advocated for the implementation of government schemes meant for the social, economic, educational development of the community. BMMA leaders collaborate and coordinate with government department for implementing the PM’s New 15 Point Program with emphasis on scholarship schemes particularly for girls, formation of Self-Help Groups for women to seek technical and financial assistance under the program form the govt.  livelihood programmes, etc . 

National Campaign for Reforms in the Muslim Family Law: Continue to facilitate an organized initiative to bring about gender just reforms in Muslim family law, by strengthening the drafting of a codified law; BMMA has been conducting the campaign for demanding codification of Muslim law since its inception. So far it has had consultations with various stake holder groups like lawyers, religious groups, activists, legal experts and academicians while working on the draft law. The aim of this campaign is to present this codified law in the Parliament. In this participatory and consultative process, BMMA has been engaging and dialoging with religious groups too as they are the most resistant to any change. 

Facilitating Muslim women to raise her voice against the conservative and fascist forces : Rising conservative forces from within the Muslim community are a big hurdle in the development of Muslim women. At the same time the communal and fascist forces from outside create a climate of distrust and insecurity which eventually impact the efforts of Muslim women to develop themselves. BMMA has always and will continue to raise its voice against conservative, dogmatic, communal forces within and outside the community so that the Muslim women, Muslim community and the larger society can live in peace.  

Engage with Muslim Girls for their Educational and Social Empowerment: Experience of BMMA shows that Muslim girls need a lot of special focus and attention as they have been neglected traditionally by family and by government. Although they are very capable, the social and cultural environment within the family is not very conducive for her growth and development. Parents need to be educated and made aware of the possibilities that exist for Muslim girls, the girls themselves need a lot of exposure so that they are able to widen their horizons and are able to achieve their dreams and aspirations. BMMA wants to specially work with young Muslim girls as they are also the future of the community and the country. 


  • Naseem Shaikh from Gujrat
  • Jeibunnisa from Tamil Nadu
  • Safia Akhtar from Madhya Pradesh
  • Nishat Husein from Rajasthan
  • Farhat Amin from Orissa
  • Khatoon Shaikh from Maharashtra
  • Akhtari Begum from Bihar
  • Rahima Khatoon from West Bengal
  • Nasreen Jamaal from Jharkhand
  • Nasreen from Karnataka
  • Zakia Soman, Founder Member
  • Noorjehan Safia Niaz, Founder Member



  •         Safia Akhtar from Madhya Pradesh
  •         Nishat Husein from Rajasthan
  •         Farhat Amin from Orissa
  •     Riyaz from Tamil Nadu 
  •      Zakia Soman, Founder Member
  •         Noorjehan Safia Niaz, Founder Member
Sarvodaya Colony
Amrut nagar
Opp. Uttam Book Depot
Bandra east
Mumbai – 400 051

Contact No:
Noorjehan Safia Niaz – 09833072690/


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