International Women’s Day, 8 March, is right in the corner. With that event close by, you can expect several women’s rights movements to rise. The thing is, some many women and men join to promote girl power. But, what is the right step to support feminism movement? Many just jump straight away without knowing anything. That is why here is the information for you. 

Educate Yourself And The Next Generation 

One thing for sure, there is always a reason behind such a movement. It includes the international or national women activist movement. Why do they do so, and what they want to convey? That is the primary thing that you should do before joining the force. It is vital to gain the grounding of a particular phenomenon and then get yourself to move. 

In this case, as the activist or the supporter make sure you are armed with all the knowledge regarding women’s rights all around the world. The good thing is, there are several sources such as TED talks, Books, or some podcasts regarding women’s points of view. Getting prepared with the knowledge will help you figure out the right way to show your participation. 

At the same time, getting yourself the knowledge of the association will lead you to the correct step to support feminism movement. Will you join by directly getting involved, or will you join by supporting financially? At some point, one decision is better than the other. Learning also helps you find out the truth and gain a more objective standpoint. 

Gain Diverse Perspectives 

If you think reading and watching TED talk wasn’t enough, then go ahead and witness it with your eyes. At some point, the best way to understand and engage in such a campaign is to see it face to face. The idea of this step is to enrich your knowledge and show your participation. You can go on a quick trip locally or internationally. 

Traveling to the association and learning the condition will later help you gain diverse perspectives. You can talk directly to the participant, to the advocate, and directly see their perspectives. Meeting the women or the organization behind the movement also provides you the most necessary information regarding the needed support. 

Hand-in-hand experience by visiting the area will be a great way to put yourself in someone’s shoes. This step to support feminism movement will help you know the exact problems, give direct support, and address the real issues. It also widens your reach, friendship, and partnership in doing the women’s power movement!

Join Or Support Financially 

When you get the idea of helping or showing your women’s action, then it is time to join. But in what way? If you are unable to join or jump in the field, then you can support financially. It is one of the best ways to engage in the movement. You can spark a little or big change by contributing financially, but make sure you know best about the mission. 

What is it for? Why do they need the money? You can gain that information by visiting the association or looking at the organization’s data. Underline the budget plan and the usage. If you are okay with your money condition, giving regular support will suffice. Your money donation will mean a lot for a nonprofit organization to continue its step to support feminism movement.

If you are not sure about a project, then you can choose from the infamous women’s movement. Several worldwide organizations provide a long list of acts. Some of them might include charities, volunteering, to public speaking. There are also donation options that open crowdfunding platforms to support girls’ or women’s projects. 

Get Involved 

If you can join the movement by yourself, then do it. This step is the alternative of supporting yourself financially. At some point, the action is stronger than words! That is why your action will bring a great impact on the movement. You can join the organization, running some public campaign, or supporting candidates that underline women’s rights. 

There are many ways to engage the movements. From supporting one another, raise your voice, to as simple as sharing your workload. Showing your feminist movement can be started from the very basic things, including your household duties. Know your rights and show that you value mutual treatment as the step to support feminism movement. 

From there, you can join bigger actions such as global movement or city projects. Get yourself involved by volunteering in some projects. You can also speak out in the public gathering about your idea of women’s rights. At some point, you might find an organization that is planning a public demonstration. Join it if you can, and show the best support. 

Advocate The Women Right  

When the idea of supporting the movement craved in your heart, you can be a supportive advocate in many ways. Supporting each other is one of the best ways to do it. If you find there are women delegation candidates or women-owned companies and businesses, take it as a way to show your support. You can donate or show your support to your fellow women. 

Join many organizations and the conversation. It will help you gain more knowledge, ideas, and ways to show your support. The idea of supporting movement should not always be restricted to big actions. Small contributions such as speak up when people degrade women, is your ammunition.  

This step to support feminism movement underlines the idea that you can do anything to show your participation. Just make sure you know your right as a woman. Educate yourself, get back up from an organization, and allow yourself to advocate for women’s rights. Subtle ways in creating behavior and normalized women’s rights are the best result of this movement. 

The idea of joining or showing your feminism movement doesn’t always mean a huge leap in the act. Sometimes, you can get involved in the movement just by supporting financially. Several women associations will enjoy the support. But before that, educate yourself and the next generation, so you know the exact reasons for the movements and how to show it respectfully.  

Woman leader workforce is something not so strange anymore these days. Today, men and women get all the equal right to work at the same place, and now women have the right to take the leadership and get acknowledged as the leader of something. In the workplace, everything should be done professionally and women get their right to be a leader there, too.

What You Need to Know about Woman Leader Workforce 

Well, there are many things you have to understand about woman leader workforce, including how to choose the right women for the leadership position as well as why women are considered as good leader. Everything about it can be learnt below, and you should be able to change your opinion about women’s limited role in a business or in a workplace after that. Let’s check the further explanation below.

  1. Why Choosing Woman Leader in Workforce?

The first thing you need to know about woman leader workforce is why you have to choose female leader. It is not that the women are underestimated, but in most cases, they are. Now, people need to see why women can be a great leader, too. The reasons are listed below.

  • They Have the Right

When you are not pretty much on the same page as everyone about woman leader workforce, and you still do not want to be led by women, please make sure you know women now have the equal right to lead. A workplace is relatively small compared to the political world where women now take the positions in office as well.

  • They are Better at Problem Solving

In fact, one of the keys of being a great leader is to understand about problem solving. As a leader, people will come to you bringing their problems and expecting you to give the solutions. Thankfully, women are such a great problem solver. They are a lot calmer and think through everything, making problem solving such a possible option. Moreover, they would rather do it calmly by not making any scenes.

  • Women are Incredibly Mentors

Why women are labeled as the first teachers to their children? Well, it is because they are indeed great mentors and teachers to their offspring. It is believed women have the ability to pass on the knowledge and the insight they have to other people. This is why they can be great leaders.

  • Millennial Women are Better Educated

Fifty to sixty years ago, it was probably hard for women to get equal education as men, for example to go to college and get their degrees. Well, time has changed, and today millennial women are way better educated than men. They have their degrees, up to the doctorate degrees and prove woman leader workforce is something massively possible, really.

  • Traits to Make Woman a Good Leader

In addition, women were born to be a leader anyway as they have the traits themselves to make them good leaders. What are those traits anyway? Below are the explanations of each trait, and you will see why these are essential to discuss in woman leader workforce topic. Here they are.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Being intelligent is not enough because it will make you theoretically smart only. Most women are emotionally intelligent as they can use their feelings and problem-solving intuitions to make sure they can lead a group of people toward a better way and enhance their chance of success. 

  • Honesty

It is hard being honest in your personal life, for example in the work place. However, women have the ability to do so. They can lead the office with honesty and paint the reality for everyone. When she says A, it means A, and when she says B, it means B. It is something very essential, and why you need to get woman leader workforce.

  • Collaboration

Being a leader means you have to work with many people. Some men have monstrous ego, and they cannot work together in harmony with other people. Women, on the contrary, have a great collaboration ability to ensure they can keep going and working in harmony with a lot more people in the workplace.

  • How to Choose Woman Leader in Workforce?

Now, the most important part of the story have come. This is how you choose women leader in workforce. When you are forcing the woman leader workforce, how can you choose one? Is it the same as choosing a male as a leader? Read the information below for more explanation about how you do it.

  • Know the Person

In choosing a leader, you cannot just randomly select one. You have to understand about the person. Even though you do not know who this particular woman is, you need to do some researches, and make sure she has the capability to lead the whole office based on her achievements so far.

  • Be Honest about Her Performance

The key about being a good leader is the performance of the individual. You have to take a look at this part regardless of the gender of individual. Therefore, even though the person is a woman, if she has done splendid performance to improve the workplace, you need to choose her as the leader.

  • Choose for the Sake of the Company

The woman leader workforce should be done for the sake of the entire company. Choose a leader, whether it is man or woman, who can bring the best prospect to the company. You need to make sure they can do way better for the company in the future.

Right from the beginning, it is believed men are superior. However, it does not happen anymore. Men and women can all be superior, especially in a workplace. It will depend heavily on the ability of an individual to lead everyone to the better path and direction, not down to the gender of the person. This is the reason why woman leader workforce is such a massive deal to discuss even today.

From an intellectual and erudite point of view, feminism post modernism is actually two different movements that have evolved as significant movements of this era. In the war against the great ideas of civilization and modernity, both have shown their similarities. Postmodernism and feminism are frequently mentioned as though their unification has been a certainty. However, the postmodernism characteristics often make people question “is it postmodernism or feminism?”

Feminism Post Modernism: The Skepticism of Feminist toward Postmodernity

Postmodernism and feminism are not simply abstract categories. They constitute, analyze, inform, and help to identify the practices to be defined. As of today’s categories, feminism post modernism projects ways of understanding the future and reassessing the past. 

Let us start by taking into consideration one of the more detailed narratives of what to describe as a moment of postmodernism provided by Jane Flax, a feminist theorist. In Thinking Fragments: Psychoanalysis, Feminism and Postmodernism in the Contemporary West, Flax identifies the position of postmodernism as a subscription of the theories of the Death of Man, Death of History, and Death of Metaphysics.

The perspective from the feminist and postmodernist regarding the postmodernist theories are as followed:

  1. Feminism post modernism are generally two different movements

In the “Death of Man”, postmodernists would like to destroy all the essentialist understandings of a human being. Flax describes that Man is not a transcendental being but a mere artifact of culture, history, or linguistics. 

Meanwhile, the feminists argue that gender, and other practices that lead to its existence, is one of the significant backgrounds that is to locate an ostensibly impartial and universal topic of reason. Western explanation stands as the reasoning of one subject, which blinds us to the presence of the foreignness and the difference that falls into its definitions.

However, some argue that feminism post modernism is a branch of feminism in which assume that the modernist view of feminism emphasizes gender disparities among women and wen while rejecting the disparities within individual gender.

  • Death of History Theory

In the theory of the “Death of History”, postmodernist defines history as something more than just a justification or preconditions for Man’s fiction. This notion also highly supports the idea of progress—a significant part of the history of the Man. Again, feminism post modernism is two different movements, although there has been a term of post-modern feminist; thus, the feminist counterpoint to the notion of the “Death of History” as the “Engendering of Narrative.” If the main subject of Western tradition was always the male head of the family, white, affluent, and Christian, subsequently, History, which previously narrated has always been “His Story.”

Moreover, all the philosophies about history that have populated even since the Western Enlightenment have also forced the narratives of history into homogeneity, linearity, and unity, with the results that different groups are already removed from heterogeneity and fragmentation.

Although feminism post modernism is a new strand, many feminists still oppose the idea of this notion. They argue until today, women did not have their own history, just like Hegel’s perspective that Africa had no history, and thus, the Africans were those without history.

  • Death of Metaphysics Theory

In the notion of the “Death of Metaphysics”, postmodernists argue that at least after Plato, Western metaphysics was under the influence of the existence of metaphysics. For many postmodernists, this is a search for the Actual or Real concept that’s desired by the majority of Western philosophers. While feminism post modernism is now considered to be one single movement, the postmodernists in the past are on a quest for a Real thing, which is to conquer the universe but also embracing it in an elusive system. However, they believe in the absolute scheme, which represents a single unified being further than history.   

Meanwhile, those who reject the idea of feminism post modernism oppose the notion of the “Death of Metaphysics” as “The Skepticism of the Feminist Towards the Claims of Otherworldly Reason.” If the theoretical or practical designs, as well as actions of such a subject, carry the marks of a scenario from which they arise, the subject of ideology is unavoidably intertwined with the interest of knowledge.

For the majority of feminists, the most significant interest of knowledge-driving in the ideas of Habermas, a matrix of truth, disciplinary, and power in the ideas of Foucault, is the relations of gender with the social, political, economic, and metaphoric constitution of gender disparities between men and women.

While feminism post modernism is constituted of two individual movements and has an affinity, the three notions above can be viewed to make the theoretical approaches, if not antithetical, at least vastly different. 

Despite all of those skepticisms, those who claim themselves as post-modern feminists believe that gender is mostly formed out of a discourse that is adopted by individuals over time. Therefore, gender is not natural or even innate. Rather, gender is something that is created by how people talk, create pictures, and expose themselves to others.

Another key point of this branch of feminism is the argument that patriarchy works in a different way because of the social features of women. Consequently, the nature of patriarchy is different for a low-class black woman to a white woman from a middle-class family. This perspective is part of the idea of intersectionality, which aims at exploring the relationships between social, cultural, and biological categories on several and sometimes concurrent levels. 

That is a structure that helps society to classify how inequality presents on many different levels. Given the sheer variety inside women’s activist idea, it likely could be suitable to utilize the term feminisms. At any rate, we ought to be mindful so as to maintain a strategic distance from speculations while thinking about the philosophy of women’s liberation. It is additionally easily proven wrong how much women’s activists represent women from many different backgrounds. 

The American scholarly—Camille Paglia—is an especially powerful rival of woman’s rights. Paglia accepts that women’s liberation has created a feeling of victimhood that doesn’t matter to any women. From a comparative point, Christina Sommers adds that the idea of feminism post modernism regularly holds an unreasonable aggression toward the opposite gender. She accordingly guarantees that contemporary women’s liberation is plainly revolutionary and thusly detached from the existences of ordinary women.

Most of you surely have heard the word feminism. Coming from Latin language ‘femina’, which means having a womanly nature, feminism is an ideology that fights for women’s rights and equality between men and women. It fully focuses on addressing social issues faced by women in daily life. Such as, cases of sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, income inequality, and so on. This ideology also tries to change gender roles, sexist practices, and sexual norms that often limit self-development.

The development of feminism is dynamic and open. So, feminism does not only fight for women’s rights. But, it also focuses on liberating men by breaking the references constructed by society to women and men. People who stick to or hold on to feminism are called feminists. Feminists are aware that feminism cannot be separated from men’s roles. They believe that men also play a role in supporting feminism and gender equality.

Most of you must already know that women dominate this movement. But, do you know that there are several types of feminism? If you do not know about it yet, here are feminism types that you might want to know.

Liberal Feminism

As the name implies, this type of feminism embraces liberalism that prioritizes freedom. It also emphasizes the aspects of freedom. Liberal feminism believes that all human beings, both women and men, are created equal, balanced, and do not necessarily get oppression. The main character who played an important role in liberal feminism was Mary Wollstonecraft. She wrote a book titled Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

In her book, Mary Wollstonecraft mentioned that both men and women have the same mindset. So, both women and men should have the same, equal rights and treatment. Seen from a historical point of view, liberal feminism focuses on women’s struggles to get equal education rights or academic rights with men.

Communist Marxist Feminism

The presence of communist marxist feminism is driven by the notion that women are left behind due to the widespread understanding of capitalism in the administration of a country. Capitalism itself is an understanding stating that an individual is free to enrich themselves as much as possible. Communist marxist feminism sees capitalism as an injustice for women with various losses that they will face.

This type of feminism sees that capitalism will allow men to control and be dominant in production programs so that men will get higher positions in communities. Because of their higher positions, it is considered that men will likely oppress women whom they think are weaker. The main goal of communist marxist feminism is to remove the system in capitalism.

Socialist Feminism

The next one of feminism types is socialist feminism. This kind of feminism appears because of the critics to communist marxist feminism. Socialist feminism sees that capitalism is not the core problem of women’s low positions in communities. Because women were already considered low and weak even before capitalism appeared. The main focus of socialist feminism is to eliminate the system of ownership in a social order or social structure. For example, socialist feminists disagree with laws that legalize men’s ownership of property in a marriage.

Radical Feminism

Radical feminism appeared for the first time around the mid of the 19th century. This type of feminism focuses on ideas and thoughts about the struggle that separates women’s rights as well as demand equal positions for both women and men in social orders or social structures. It emphasizes more on the goals of fighting for women’s rights that are viewed from a biological perspective or instinctive perspective that women have as natural rights.

However, in its development, radical feminism becomes extreme. Radical feminists begin to focus their attention only on women. They consider that men do not give any contributions. They also think that women should be able to do anything they want.

Anarchist Feminism

Anarchist feminism is an extreme type of feminism. Anarchist feminists consider that men and countries are the main cause in triggering every issue that women are facing. So, the goal of anarchist feminism is to destroy men and countries and make women as the holders of supreme power in the social order or social structure.

Postmodern Feminism

The last is postmodern feminism. Postmodern feminism is the type of feminism that develops in today’s life. It is the development of the feminism movement that rejects absolute thoughts and views as well as dominant power. Postmodern feminism focuses on making women as free feminists with wide views and knowledge according to their preferences and desires. Postmodern feminists avoid anything that limits diversity and differences. This means that there is no term of good feminist and all feminists can be whatever they want.

But, postmodern feminists have themes or orientations in their movements. They mention that languages build sexuality. Languages form humans’ lives. So, through language, they can also overcome injustice against women. In this case, languages refer to opinions, arguments, writings, and so on.

Examples of Feminism

You can find feminism in daily life. Here they are.

  • Using Products or Culture Produced By Women

Feminism supports women to actively take roles in various aspects of life. Such as, culture, social, economy, and even politics without any restriction or oppression. In this case, women are free to create and share ideas and thoughts that they can realize through products and cultural elements. One example of the development of feminism is consuming products or culture produced by women. This is proposed to eliminate the weak stigma in women.

  • Giving Wide Space to Women

For example, giving up your seat to another woman when you are in public transportation, especially to elderly, pregnant women, or those with disabilities. If there is a woman standing alone in a bus stop or other places, men are suggested to keep the distance so that she feels safe.

Those are the types of feminism that you should know. Which type of feminist are you? Do you think you are a feminist?

Are you wondering about feminism definition and history? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. You might have heard about the word feminism in your life. Maybe your coworker has mentioned the word to you once in a while. Maybe you have heard about feminism on the news or maybe you have read about it somewhere on the internet.

Nowadays, feminism is everywhere. It is a topic that manages to attract everyone’s attention. However, do you know what feminism truly is? Moreover, do you know the history of feminism? How did it all start? Who started this ideology that became such a great movement until now? Well, if you do not have the answers to those questions, you do not have to worry. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about feminism. Just sit back, relax, and let us tell you all you need to know about feminism and its history.

What is Feminism?

Before we talk about anything else, let’s talk about what feminism is. That way, you will be able to understand the basics of feminism, including its definition. If you want to truly understand what feminism is, then you need to know its definition. A lot of people have defined feminism in so many ways. There are so many versions of what feminism is to someone. However, every definition of feminism out there has one principle, which is equality for women.

So, what is feminism? Well, feminism is a belief or an ideology that has become quite popular over the last decade. It is a belief in the economic, cultural, and political equality of the sexes. Feminism is a belief that fights for women’s rights and interests. Through feminism, women all over the world can fight for their rights, which have been denied just because of their sex. This movement managed to liberate women all over the world. That is why feminism is such a powerful movement.

The History of Feminism

The next thing that you need to know about feminism is feminism history. So, what you might not know about feminism is the fact that it has its roots in the earliest times of human civilization. Feminism has been around longer than you may think. The movement kept growing and growing to shape the feminism that you know nowadays.

Now that you know about the definition of feminism, you also need to know that this movement is separated into three feminism waves. The first wave of feminism is a movement that has dealt with women’s right to vote and property rights. The second wave of feminism focuses more on anti-discrimination against women and equality of the sexes. The third wave of feminism is a wave of feminism that was a response to the second wave of feminism, which was labeled as white feminism.

If you want to truly understand the history of feminism, you need to be able to know what each wave of feminism focuses on. That way, you will be able to understand the feminism that you recognize nowadays. Well, without further ado, let’s talk about the main points that you need to understand in the three waves of feminism.

Early and Ancient Feminism

Another fascinating thing about feminism is the fact that it has started even before the first wave of feminism. Plato stated that women have natural capacities that are equal to men. This was the time of ancient Greece, where women were seen as weak and incapable of governing ancient Greece. Of course, a lot of people disagreed with Plato at the time. During that time, women protested over the Oppian Law. It was a law that restricted women’s access to goods such as gold.

The First Wave Feminism

When we are talking about first-wave feminism, then we are talking about Women’s Suffrage. Other than that, the Seneca Falls Convention is also an important event for first-wave feminism. During the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott stated that all women and men are created equal. Because of that, they believed that women have a right to vote.

Many people who attended that convention thought that women’s right to vote was ridiculous. However, Frederick Douglass, a black man, argued that he could not accept his right to vote if women could not do the same thing. The women’s Suffrage movement began then. This movement dominated first-wave feminism for a few decades.

The Second Wave Feminism

During the 1970s, second-wave feminism started. This wave of feminism created a new feminism meaning, which is often referred to as women’s liberation. A lot of women thought that they were still chained to the roles of homemaker and child care. In 1971, Gloria Steinem founded the National Women’s Political Caucus alongside Betty Friedan and Bella Abzug. Steinem then created Ms. Magazine, which was the first-ever magazine to talk about feminist subjects in 1976.

Thanks to the second wave of feminism, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment. This amendment was made to create equality for women. It also tries to abolish discrimination based on sex. However, the passing of this amendment received backlash from a lot of conservative people. The second wave of feminism also fought for women’s right to choose abortion.

The Third Wave Feminism

The last wave of feminism up until now is the third wave of feminism. This movement arises because of criticism toward second-wave feminism. This movement argued that the feminist movement, especially the second wave feminism, only supports the views of white women. Therefore, the issues of other women such as women of color, immigrants, religious minorities, and lesbians were not discussed. 

The third wave of feminism is the feminist movement that we know as today’s feminism. This movement wants the world to pay more attention to women of all backgrounds and social statuses. The third wave of feminism acknowledges that every woman in the world has their struggles based on where they came from. That is why this feminist movement tends to be more inclusive than the first or the second wave of feminism. And that is what you need to know about feminism definition and history.

The recent effect of the widespread of the COVID-19 worldwide has forced schools, colleges and all other learning institutions to be closed for long periods. As a result, it severely disrupting students’ learning process, and in many cases affecting the future careers of those who were about to graduate and move into professional life.

It was only after some time of adjustment to the realities of the lockdown that teachers and others concerned with education started looking at online learning, facilitated mainly by the wide use of the internet all over the world. Online learning and teaching have been around for quite some time, but this was specifically for people who wanted to get additional skills and knowledge while pursuing other careers. However, the pandemic has forced online learning to come to the fore and become the future of education. A fair number of students, 30 percent, opting for higher education have been taking such courses online.

Learning By Doing

Online education can be of use to students of all ages, as well as adults. Its most significant advantage is its flexibility, where both students and teachers can set the pace of learning to one that suits the student. This allows for a better balance of study and encourages time management skills. Students and teachers can set common agendas that require acceptance of responsibilities and more autonomy in the studying process.

Students and parents are forced to learn new app and software they may not hear of to support the online education program such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Moodle to name a few. It is challenging initially to create new and fun activities while keeping you and your family safe.
The internet and the vast amount of material available on it have led to infinite subjects that can be taught and learned. Students can opt for those they are interested in and suit them, instead of following a fixed syllabus that most teaching programs have. Universities have also accepted both the teaching and testing of learned skills to grant certificates without the student even having to set foot on a campus.

Online education can be available from any part of the world, with a physical presence in schools and colleges becoming unnecessary. This saves commuting time and educational institutions need to set up enormous facilities for use as classes. It may still be necessary for setting up laboratories and other required things for practicals and where just book knowledge is not adequate to get the required skills. Universities have also started offering such online education for students from all over the world, and this has led to the negating any need for travel, visas, and other arrangements that were needed for studying abroad.

While online schools can become the future of education, it does require a lot of attention to technology and computing devices to reach the internet. This is still not as widely available as it would need to be to ensure universal education. This primarily affects third-world countries and people with lower income. There can be significant savings in financial outlays if online education becomes the norm. This can be used to subsidize people who are unable to take advantage of online education methods.

Women are powerful but not always when they are in business situations. They deal with a lot of harassment and undue cruelty. Being in a position like this can lead to ill will and feelings of angst, and rightly so. Many women have had to fight for their rights to be treated right in a business situation which can jeopardize their livelihood and more.

Women Want To Be Treated Equal
In a lot of companies, women are paid less than men that are doing the same job. They have every right to be angry and to make a big deal out of it because they should be paid the same as their counterparts. They speak out whenever they have to, and they are very vocal about it. That is because they have every right to stick up for themselves, and they won’t back down.

Feminism Is Here
Women are ready to take on what they have to to get what they want. They know that they deserve so much more than what they are getting at any given time. This is why they fight so hard for their rights.

Getting Help
Many groups will help women with their plights. They need to look them out on the internet to find someone who will come to their aid, which means in any area they live in. Since this is the case, many women feel a lot better when they find themselves in an unfair situation. They need to ask for help and to give the details of what happened in their particular case.

Will Women Win?
In all possibilities, they will win any case against anyone who tries to harm women alone or as a whole. That’s because it is the law and the land rule and people are not supposed to treat women with malice or harm. The country requires that the laws are followed and women are treated with respect.

The Power of Women

Winning It All
Women need to stick up for themselves because when it comes to moving forward, they have to do their part. That means they can’t sit back and be treated with disrespect from anyone. They need to always stand up for themselves so that they can move on forward in their lives.

Feminism will continue to be an essential part of society until it is solved. When people are out in the main fray, they need to always treat other people with the respect they deserve. The country’s people count on the other people to do their share as they fight for equal rights for all people. Since this is the case, all people need to look at how they act in all situations. This will allow for a more peaceful event anywhere that people go in this country at any given time. It will make a massive difference for everyone at all times.

Black America has played a fundamental part in the country for a long time. They are people that are proud and speak loudly about what they stand for and believe in. There are many times that they have played an essential part in the history of the world. One of the most recent times that they have made their voices known is during Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter
The black community came together when one of their own was killed by a police officer. They didn’t take much time to organize and to fight for justice for him and his family. Since they cared, many people noticed and agreed with them when they were fighting for their rights.

People Listen
Black people have always dealt with problems like prejudice and more. They are hurt and angry but when they speak, people do listen to them, and they try to help in many ways. When they need to have something done, they usually find someone to assist them with their needs. It’s because the country always helps them in any way that they can. It makes sense to do this because everyone is an American that pays taxes in the country. They make up a big part of the taxpayers, and they do a great job working out in the communities.

Black Lives Matter

Making A Difference
There are many ways that black Americans make a difference every day. They are out there in public, helping people and doing important things. Since this makes a significant difference in society, they significantly impact making it a better place for all people to live.

Doing Their Best
They try their best to put into society what they have received from it. Since they work hard, people accept them in every way. When they do something, they do their best, and their attitude is excellent. They look forward to a better world for themselves and their offspring. They know that it is possible in the future.

Making More Moves
Black Americans and women will make even more moves to change the world for the better. They want to be treated as equals and they will be because they will constantly fight for them at all costs and at any time.

Since black Americans are numerous, they are making themselves known in many ways. People are taking note of their needs and trying to do what they can to make sure that they are not treated unequally in any way. Their lives are improving in many ways and will likely do so well into the future. Moving forward, they will continue to stick up for their rights in every way. They will make a stand when they have to so their voices will be heard. It’s their right because they are Americans and they want to be treated right. That is their right, and most people understand this.